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Windsor, Berkshire, England


City, Town or Village : Latitude: 51.479995, Longitude: -0.605995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Elizabeth Doreen  10 Nov 1929Windsor, Berkshire, England I28749 Mitchell Families 
2 Barton, Frederick Walter George  28 Mar 1916Windsor, Berkshire, England I28748 Mitchell Families 
3 Barton, Gladys Maud  29 Mar 1921Windsor, Berkshire, England I28751 Mitchell Families 
4 Edwards, William George  1913Windsor, Berkshire, England I28374 Mitchell Families 
5 Edwards, William Peter  21 Feb 1933Windsor, Berkshire, England I28232 Mitchell Families 
6 Emony, Sarah Haynes  Cal 1815Windsor, Berkshire, England I20438 Mitchell Families 
7 Goff, George  Cal Jan 1901Windsor, Berkshire, England I12301 Mitchell Families 
8 Hayter, Florence  21 Oct 1904Windsor, Berkshire, England I23223 Mitchell Families 
9 Jones, Maud  1882Windsor, Berkshire, England I6424 Mitchell Families 
10 White, Lillian Kate  19 Sep 1906Windsor, Berkshire, England I7997 Mitchell Families 
11 [Milton], Emma  Cal 1840Windsor, Berkshire, England I23929 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Elizabeth Doreen  27 Jun 1934Windsor, Berkshire, England I28749 Mitchell Families 
2 Edwards, Roger William Peter  Dec 2002Windsor, Berkshire, England I28250 Mitchell Families 
3 Goddard, Archibald George  Dec 1990Windsor, Berkshire, England I8594 Mitchell Families 
4 Pearson, Agnes Louisa Luxford  1928Windsor, Berkshire, England I28245 Mitchell Families 
5 Sermon, William  1959Windsor, Berkshire, England I28906 Mitchell Families 
6 Tilbury, Reginald John  1981Windsor, Berkshire, England I19810 Mitchell Families 
7 Wilson, Elsie May  Dec 1944Windsor, Berkshire, England I28911 Mitchell Families 
8 Wooster, Beatrice Eveline  1962Windsor, Berkshire, England I3587 Mitchell Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barton / Edwards  1 Sep 1913Windsor, Berkshire, England F6862 Mitchell Families 
2 Barton / Heal  1939Windsor, Berkshire, England F6964 Mitchell Families 
3 Edwards / Hawken  6 Dec 1911Windsor, Berkshire, England F6859 Mitchell Families 
4 Edwards / McPherson  17 Dec 1918Windsor, Berkshire, England F6863 Mitchell Families 
5 Edwards / Pearson  12 Feb 1912Windsor, Berkshire, England F6838 Mitchell Families 
6 Edwards / Poynter  11 Sep 1938Windsor, Berkshire, England F6907 Mitchell Families 
7 Edwards / Reid  30 Sep 1906Windsor, Berkshire, England F6860 Mitchell Families 
8 Edwards / Vasey  1953Windsor, Berkshire, England F6831 Mitchell Families 
9 Eggleton / Horsley  1977Windsor, Berkshire, England F4089 Mitchell Families 
10 King / Vasey  1950Windsor, Berkshire, England F7028 Mitchell Families 
11 Sermon / Roffey  1951Windsor, Berkshire, England F7001 Mitchell Families 
12 Sermon / Sherwood  1949Windsor, Berkshire, England F6999 Mitchell Families